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The idea of “Central Asian News Service” CA-NEWS website is oriented to develop the high-quality online resource of accurate information that reflects variety of opinions and meaningful discussions about development of democratic society in Central Asia. CA-NEWS provides instant news reports and analytical materials, reviews, comments on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

CA-NEWS produces up to 100 news items in Russian and 50 news items in English about politics, economy, society, culture, science, and sport in Central Asian region. Its interactive features include traditional push-channels of content: RSS, maillist, online bookmarks and social networks: Facebook, Twitter.


Content includes news reports, while the number of analytical articles, op-eds and reviews is quite insignificant due to lack of human and financial resources for adequate stimulation of authors. News are available 24/7.

CA-NEWS provides subscription for online news database. News subscription enables subscribers to have real-time coverage of issues and events across Central Asia throughout the day to support their decision-making. The subscription allows accessing closed behind-the-walls part of the website that includes archive and account management system.

Ads placement on the website pages is the commercial service for businesses and organizations. There are two products: banners and context ads. Ads can be placed for certain time or for number of views.

Draft design strategy

Business goals

  • Increase monthly audience of CA-NEWS website to 300,000 visitors.
  • Growth of new subscribers by 50%
  • Become financially sustainable and have positive profit.
  • Keep position in TOP 3 of news providers in Central Asia.
  • Maintain competitive salaries and benefits for staff and freelancers.

Marketing and branding goals

  • Latest news from the region 24/7
  • One of the leading news sources in the region
  • The place where people can not only read, but discuss critical issues
  • News website that people can trust and rely on
  • High quality and easy access to content
  • Harmonic balance of images and text

Target audience

Central Asia:

  • Business community
  • Journalists and reporters
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Students and academia
  • Policy makers and governmental agencies
  • Labor migrants

English speaking audience:

  • Diplomatic missions and embassies
  • International NGOs
  • Analytics and academia
  • Journalists and mass-media


Reporter: Woman, 25 years old, office worker. She reads online news sites on daily basis, checking them morning and afternoon to keep in touch with events in own country and in the region. She pays attention to details and quality of news reports to find new ideas for own reports and articles.

Businessman: Man, 36 years old, active reader. He regularly reads variety of both print and online mass media. Checks news websites and compares different sources to get full picture of situation on markets. Subscribed to several outlets simultaneously. As a businessman he pays attention not only to content but ads as well.

Student: Man, 20 years old. Usually access news websites irregularly, and finds news on secondary sites or through search engines. Mostly interested in entertainment, sport, science and accidents. Prefer to read short texts and easily lose interest in case of big articles. Likes to share links in social networks: Facebook, Twitter.

Technological constraints

  • Linux based server with several mirrors
  • CMS is based on MySQL and php
  • Website has to be compatible with all major browsers
  • Compatibility with accessibility policy
  • Integration with third-party API (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Availability of https for closed part of the website (subscribers)

General tasks

  • Browse articles: geographically, chronologically, by topic
  • Browse archive of news
  • Search through website
  • Browse company info
  • Comment articles on the website
  • Print article
  • Send links via email
  • Subscribe to RSS channel
  • Subscribe to maillist of headlines
  • Share articles via Facebook, Twitter
  • Share bookmarks via online bookmarking services (Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc)
  • Subscribe to online news packages
  • Manage users account information

Critical success factors

  • Increased number of visitors
  • Increased number of subscribers
  • Increased number of ads sales
  • Increased number of comments and links in social media
  • Increased number of citation in mass media

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